My name is Urz. I made this site. is a comprehensive video archive of competitive gaming matches. It features a fast and intuitive search interface, allowing users to find the matches they are looking for by leveraging a number of useful metadata categories. The spoiler-free viewing mode let's you catch up on events you've missed without giving up the results. serves to solve long-standing problem any competitor or fan of competitive gaming has experienced. Finding recorded matches is a hassle. Every broadcaster has their own YouTube channel, and sometimes the tournament organizer does as well. Off-stream matches are recorded and uploaded to any number of additional personal accounts. Videos from a single event can end up split across many different places. This site hopes to solve the problem in a more structured way.

The site launched in July 2014, with the initial focus being on the Super Smash Bros. series.

Site Twitter: @vodsco
Personal Twitter: @urzo
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